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The Lesbian Thespians are proud to be the ArtServe Theater Company in Residence

Our Motto:
Creativity Takes Courage...Creativity is what sustains us all and we are committed to keeping the creativity flowing!

Our Mission:
Lesbian Thespians is an innovative performing arts group founded and led by women, dedicated to bringing a range of diverse performances to the stage while offering opportunities to up-and-coming Playwrights, Directors and Artists. LT is focused on inclusivity, broad appeal and maintaining strong relationships within the greater South Florida theater community.

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Our Values:
We know that representation is important, especially in today's political climate. We are loud and proud. While inclusivity is our goal, our roots are in the lesbian community.

Our Vision:
To develop and sustain a space in which women and members of the LGBTQ+ community can freely commit to the kinds of creative and thought-provoking endeavors that will help enhance South Florida's theatrical landscape for years to come! 

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Meet the Founder

Carol Wartenberg saw an opportunity to get women and lesbians, like herself, into the performing arts. A dream realized in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, LT was born out of the desire to connect with the arts and the community.

Carol serves as the Creative Director for the group, and also fulfills various other roles in the troupe such as play writer, director, and producer. 

Meet the Board

Our board is comprised of influential women of the local South Florida community who believe in and embody LT's values of community, creativity, and advocacy. 

Linda Jain

Chairperson of the Board

Jill Bellak

Board Member

Karen Leavitt

Board Member

Fran Epstein

Board Member

Leila Isaacs

Board Member

Karina Luna

Board Member

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